Essay on topic My first day at college for Student of internet part 2 2019

Essay for the student of Intermediate part 2 on the topic"my first day at college" 2019
                 "My first day at college"

A Thing of beauty is Joy for ever
     It's loveliness increase it will never
         Passed into nothing

.. . . Sweet memories are like the sweet . flowers they become the source of happiness in that represent drama of life usually hard experience teachers wisdom the person who Learns Nothing from that are fast should expect Nothing from the bright future in the memory of my first year college is bit better it is raining in my mind I like the smiling tales

. . it was a sunny day offspring I with my friends went to college for the first time we were excited and legal for learning still we were falling away from our college when a group of horrified student told us that some senior students were waiting for the newcomers to make fool of them we begin to travel with their with turned pale we could not add world

. . . . they told us that senior wanted to add on the students of the first year with the different colours rat and the garland of old shoes hourglass blooming faces fell down of as blooming flowers scatter in heavy rain
. eventually the president of college Union appeared there like a sudden wave of grace we told him our problem he smiled and encouraged us to feel the situation however he helped us and in school for us to the gate of the college she asked the other students not to harass us we became happy to be saved.

we came to the playground the Lodi senior students reach there they begin to make a fool office reminded the advice of the President of the USA college Union the laughed and asked me to put on the title should I do so that displays the place called on the chest of my friend the word secular was written on it a boy with the red through old shoes advance to the newcomer
sum of other boys rain after us to our bad luck our path Android on the verge of the field sogi with the recent irrigation we have visited a moment but horrified by the chasing party we jump onto the sword Enfield the senior student is stopped at the brink and laugh loudly to see us in the crisis Aviva however relaxed to away from Grave risk how we reached our houses is another story to tell it is how I spent my first day at college

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