Impotant long question physics Inter Part 1 latest 2019

Chapter wise intermediate part 1 Physics 2019

                              CHAPTER 2

1....Explanation The Edition Vector of Rectangle and Component Method ?
2...Explore Vector Edition of Vector Bangalore Component Method?
3....Defensive vector Product of Two Vectors and Also Discovery It's charactaristics??
4....Diff to Calculator Due to the Force Acting on the Digit Body?
5.….Explain Cross Product of Two Vectors State Right Handle Rule and Give This List for characteristics??
6.....Defensive tractor component of factor found the regulator of two vectors by a reactant compliant?
7....Define and Explain the Dot Product?
8....Definition Scalar Product of Two Vectors Also Wright Anni for Characteristic of Scalar Product?
9....Defended the ractangular company Defact and Explanation Edition of Actors Bangalore Component?
10....Define and Explain the Product of Two Vectors with Experience Guys It's Carnatistics???

                                CHAPTER 3                                       1  ....State and Proof the Law of Conservation of Linear Momentum?

2...Define Projectile Motion Drive Formula for the Time Flight and Horizontal Project ?
3.....What is the projectile motion drive relation for the horizontal distances vertical distance instantanous projectile during its motions ?
4...Diffin plastic please show the relative speed of the process equal to the relative speed of the solution for one day match.??
5....State Newton Second Law of Motion in the Time of Mental and Through the Law of Conservation of Momentum ?
6....Projectile motion and its types?

  .  .  .  .  .  .  Chapter 4 .  .  .  .  .  .  

1...Definable Energy Proof That Can Energy Is Equal to One By Two M. V  Square Also Drive Work Energy Relation ???
2 . Defensive Conservative Field and Prove That Works As Independent Offer Path Followed by the Body in Gravitational Field?
3.....Definite real potential Energy ?Rights Mathematical Expression ?
4....Define the Gravitational Field Proof Debt Work Done in Agra Dictionary in Independent Floor ?
5.....What is the Conservative Field Show the Art Work Done in the Greatest Fighter Gravitational Force in Independent to the path??
6....Body Is Falling from High Age Discus Interconvention of Potential Energy in Kinetic Energy Different position??

  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  Chapter 5 .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .  

1 .  Define Centripetal Expression and Write Its Relation ?
2...What is possible by the centripetal force drive relation for the centripetal force and for centripetal accelaration??
3.....Define Rotational Kinetic Energy Alsa Drive and Expression for Rotational Kinetic Energy of Hoop and disc?
4 .  Discovery Angular Momentum and Discuss the Law of Conservation of Momentum with One example??
5..What is Geostationary Arbit and Geostationary Satellite Drivers Relation from Geostationary orbit???
6... What Are Geostationary Satellite Live The Relation For The Radius of Geostationary orbit???
7....Explanation Rotational Kinetic Energy Findings According to Rotational Energy Of dis and hoop???

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