Most important Question of English intermediate Part 2 2019

Most important question of chapters in english Inter part 2 2019(part1)

Here is the list of important question chapter wise inter part  2 ;
              1.Dying Sun.
Q۔..How Many Stars Are There in the Universe?
Q......Why there is no life on star?
Q۔.....What Happened When Wondering star came nearer and nearer??
Q۔.....Why is Universe of Which Our Earth Is the Parts of Lightning Given Any Reason as Can ???
Q۔...What Are Temperature belts???
Q۔....What are galaxies??
                2. USING Scientfic Method
Q۔...How IS Scientific Method Help Us In Our Fight Against Disease???
Q۔...How Is Scientific Method Helps In Production Preservation Of Food??
Q۔... We are generally less fearful than our ancestors . What were our ancestors afraid of??
Q.... Hope scientific method has enabled us to get over old fears??
          3.. why boys fails in college
Q... According to author there are dd some boys who fails because they don't try. Who are they? Can we help them?
Q.... How mistaken ambition on the part of boys and their parents leads to the failure of?
Q......How dose financial pressure lead to the failure of student described in lesson? Do you have similar cases in your country??
Q....... To what extent does question of health lead to failure at college authorities with medical officers help in such cases?
Q... What would you Accord to sports men in college?

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